7 Ways to Fight Weight Gain with Coconut Oil

7 Ways to Fight Weight Gain with Coconut Oil

Coconut oil not only tastes great and has numerous health benefits; it can also help you to lose weight. Adding 1-2 tablespoons of coconut oil to your diet everyday can help you burn up to 5% more calories than in your normal diet.

Here are 7 great ways to fight weight gain using coconut oil:

  1. Boost your energy levels – coconut oil is a great way to boost your energy levels. Try adding a tablespoon to your pre-workout smoothie or drink to really supercharge your gym session, or to keep you feeling energized during a tough day at work.
  1. Massage your skin with a coconut oil scrub – massaging your skin with coconut oil can help to fight cellulite. One of our favorite DIY scrubs is made as follows: take ¼ cup of coffee granules, ¼ cup of sugar and ¼ cup of Coco Siam Extra Virgin Coconut Oil and mix together. After mixing, massage the scrub onto your body in the shower - outside the shower things can get a bit messy! After applying the scrub simply rinse clean.
  1. Try dry brushing – this is a way in which you can unclog the pores and release toxins trapped in your skin. Dry brushing is an easy process but you may feel a little funny the first time you try it! All you need for dry brushing is a natural bristle brush (no synthetics please!). Stand naked in the bathtub or shower and brush yourself beginning with your feet and working upwards. The brushing should always be in the direction of your heart. After a couple of all over brushes, jump in the shower and rinse clean. After patting yourself dry, apply coconut oil all over your body. Although it sounds a bit quirky this process can help to exfoliate dead skin and fight the signs of cellulite. 
  1. Substitute coconut oil for eggs in baked goods recipes - one tablespoon of oil can replace 1 egg in your recipes. This not only makes the recipe healthier but you’ll also reap the benefits of the high MCTs contained in coconut oil.
  1. Replace vegetable oil and butter with coconut oil when frying or sautéing – anything that can be fried in vegetable oil or butter can also be fried in coconut oil. There will be no difference in taste and your meal will be so much healthier!
  1. Make vegetable chips – this is a great alternative to those hard to resist potato chips that I always find myself cheating with! Choose one of your favorite veggies - we love sweet potato, kale, broccoli or for a more South East Asian flavor try taro, which is very popular in Thailand – cut them thinly and fry in extra virgin coconut oil for a healthy, nutritious, guilt-free snack.
  1. Add coconut oil to your coffee – this is a quick and simple way to use coconut oil in your everyday diet. Simply replace sugar with coconut oil in your morning coffee and start the day healthily!

There are many more ways in which coconut oil can help you keep trim. We’d love to hear how you use coconut oil to help you look and feel great. Comment in the box below, contact us at info@cocosiam.com, or for all things coconut oil related follow us on Facebook, Pinterest, Instagram or Twitter!

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