How Coco Siam™ Coconut Oil is Produced?

COCO SIAM™'s raw, USDA organic, non-GMO  extra virgin coconut oil made exclusively from fresh Thai coconut meat.  Bringing the highest quality coconut oil to America is my mission, and COCO SIAM™ is one of the first to make Thai coconut oil available to the U.S. market.

Handpicked fresh from pesticide-free coconut groves along the coast where conditions are ideal to grow the best, nutrient-rich coconuts, COCO SIAM™’s sustainably-sourced coconuts are raised and cultivated by skilled local farmers to prevent nutrient dilution from diseased or rotten crops.  Protecting nutritious minerals that are often lost in large-scale production, COCO SIAM™’s carefully-selected Thai coconuts are processed within a few hours of their harvest, creating the purest form of coconut oil. Unlike other brands that predominantly source fruit from various pollution-rich regions of the world, COCO SIAM™’s Thai-harvested coconuts are hand-selected by local farmers and processed in a small nearby facility, eliminating industrial-scale pollution by reducing transportation distances.

Coconut oil is highly affected by the soil, climate, and growth conditions of the sourced coconuts. Our small organic farm along the coast receives abundant sunlight and regular rainfall, creating optimum growth conditions for mouth-watering, fresh coconuts. Due to the proximity of the sea, the roots of the coconut palms are infused with the nourishing minerals found in our oil.

After the ideal six-month maturation, fresh coconuts are hand-harvested, peeled, and cracked by local farmers.  Rinsed thoroughly to remove impurities, the fruit is cold pressed under monitored temperatures to extract the finest, nutrient-rich oil. After a second filtration to ensure the oil’s pure state, the finished batch of coconut oil is poured into our reusable, recyclable glass jars.  Completed in a matter of hours, our chemical-free process prevents the loss of nutrients and preserves the high content of vitamins, minerals and healthy fatty acids.  Our production method ensures a raw, fresh, organic product with a mild coconut taste and aroma, perfect for kitchen and beauty connoisseurs alike.