A: Based in the USA, COCO SIAM™ is a nutrition and beauty company that exclusively imports raw organic coconut oil from Thailand.

Q: Why choose COCO SIAM™ Extra Virgin Coconut Oil?

A: Our product contains 100% raw, organic, coconut oil, with no added preservatives, dyes, additives or chemicals being used in the extraction process or present in the final product.

Our coconut oil is produced within hours of harvest, ensuring the highest possible content of vitamins, minerals and healthy fatty acids. While all our coconuts are harvested by hand – just as they have been for centuries – we use state of the art centrifuge technology to separate the oil from the coconut milk. This wet-milled process ensures pure, natural and raw organic coconut oil.

To complete the process, the nutrient-rich final product is bottled locally in BPA-free, recyclable glass jars. Learn how to choose your coconut oil.

Q: Is COCO SIAM™ Coconut Oil organic and vegan friendly?

A: The answer to this is a big fat yes! Our oil is certified organic by the USDA and 100% vegan friendly.

Q: Where is COCO SIAM™ Coconut Oil sourced?

A: As one of the only Thai produced coconut oils available in the United States, COCO SIAM™ sources coconuts from pesticide-free groves along the rural coast of the Gulf of Thailand.  Hand-harvested by local Thai farmers, all of COCO SIAM's™ coconuts are sustainably sourced, helping to contribute jobs in a developing economy.

Q: What are the benefits of COCO SIAM™ Coconut Oil?

A: Coconut Oil has numerous health benefits. These include, helping your heart to stay healthy, increasing your metabolism, boosting energy, improving dental hygiene and many more. For further information see our health section.

Q: How is COCO SIAM Coconut Oil different from other brands?

A: Coco Siam’s extra virgin coconut oil comes from hand-harvested Thai coconuts. Unlike the majority of Coconut oils available in American markets, Coco Siam’s oil is an unrefined, 100% raw, cold-pressed, organic extra virgin coconut oil without any preservatives, dyes, additives or chemicals.  Coco Siam’s extra virgin coconut oil is produced within hours of the harvest, preserving the high content of vitamins, minerals and healthy fatty acids.  While the coconuts are harvested by hand, just as they have been for centuries, state–of-the-art centrifuge technology is used to convert the fresh coconut milk into pure, natural, raw extra virgin coconut oil.  To complete the tree to table process, the nutrient-rich coconut oil is locally bottled in BPA-free, recyclable glass jars.

Q: What are the uses of COCO SIAM™ Extra Virgin Coconut Oil?

A: Coconut oil is an incredibly versatile natural product. From health, nutrition and beauty to baby care, and household cleaning, coconut oil has hundreds of uses.  As a replacement for cooking oils, butter, and margarine's, coconut oil provides a healthier fat with zero trans-fat and cholesterol, creating heart healthy dishes and baked goods.  As a nourishing moisturizer, coconut oil can be a substitute for lotions, make-up removers and conditioners that contain harsh and damaging chemicals.  While it’s gentle enough to relieve infant diaper rash, coconut oil has the power to remove grease and buff scratches from the floors around the home.  It can be used to cook with, in your daily beauty routine, on your hair and skin, for your pets and even as a cleaning product! For more information on how to use our coconut oil, be sure to check out our blog.

Q: How do I store my Coconut Oil?

A: Coconut oil doesn’t require any refrigeration even after opening and enjoys a long shelf life. Your oil should be stored in a cool, dry place, out of direct sunlight. In most climates the oil will be solid at room temperature, this is completely normal and does not affect the oil in anyway. The oil will melt at a temperature of 76°F. The best way to melt your oil is to place the jar in a pan of water and warm over a low heat. Click here for to learn about Coconut Oil care.

Q: What is your refunds/returns policy?

A: We love our coconut oil and hope you will too! We work hard to bring you the purest, freshest, Extra Virgin Coconut Oil from the shores of the Gulf of Thailand. If for any reason you’re unhappy with your purchase, we offer a full refund – including shipping costs – for up to sixty days after the date of purchase.

Q: Do you ship your oil internationally?

A: Unfortunately, at the moment we only ship within the USA. International shipping is in our future plans though, so please sign up to our newsletter to stay up to date with future developments.


COCO SIAM™ cares about your body, your health and sustainable living. That’s why we use the freshest, raw, organic, single origin Thai coconuts, to help you indulge in a healthy lifestyle – straight from the tree to you. See my personal story here!

Here at COCO SIAM™ we love to hear your opinions, questions and ideas relating to anything coconut related or non-coconut related! Feel free to email us at info@cocosiam.com, or contact us via Facebook and Twitter